Gartner recognition for inQuba

Rapidly growing customer experience (CX) specialist inQuba has been recognised by Gartner in the recent Market Guide for Customer Journey Analytics report. The report, which includes the world’s best – and biggest – vendors in the space, offers a guide for enterprises looking to evaluate the various technologies available.

“inQuba set out to build the planet’s smartest Customer Experience platform and recognition by Gartner is a great endorsement and validation of our approach and technology,” says Michael Renzon, CEO of inQuba. “Our focus has always been on excellence and innovation, and will continue to be.”

Customer journey analytics can be defined as “an analytical solution that captures, measures, analyses, and evaluates the quality and outcome of the customer experience throughout all phases and interactions for all customer-facing touch points, channels, and activities. This includes Social, email, chat, IVR and Web self-service, live-agent and back-office interactions, fulfilment or follow-up activities, and all actions initiated by the customer or agent on the customer’s behalf. CJA solutions are intended to help organizations view the customer experience from the customer, member, or constituent perspective (Donna Fluss, Connections Magazine). According to the analysts, CJA is a nascent, highly fragmented market with many vendors offering partial solutions, so the vendor evaluation process is complex. “Organizations adopting this technology must prioritize functional requirements before selecting a vendor,” the report states.

“The market’s numerous vendors come from a variety of backgrounds, and have significantly different visions for the best way of approaching this capability. Key areas of differentiation between vendors include the channels on which the solutions focus, the manner in which seemingly anonymous interactions are stitched together, the tools in place to provide visualization of journeys, and the outputs to other systems.”

All of these areas are ones in which inQuba excels. According to Renzon, not only have these been focus areas for the company, but inQuba is taking all of them to the next level. “Whatever the channel – whether social media, e-mail, call centre, face-to-face, or any other interaction – the customer’s voice can be heard loud and clear. Using proprietary technology called semantic anchoring, together with our very powerful customer journey repository and context engine, inQuba can map any type of feedback at a granular level and not only listen to the customer story, but learn and engage. Our capability to use a single platform enables listening, learning, and real-time targeted engagement and communications.”

This sentiment is echoed in the report, with the analysts stating that a meaningful understanding of the customer rests on a comprehensive view of the data gathered from different channels. “An organization can combine CJA with its traditional direct survey-based feedback, as well as indirect feedback from social media and other text- and voice-based communications present in the contact centre. When it does so, it forms the basis for a holistic approach to understanding the true voice of the customer (VoC). Holistic VoC programs are becoming more common and are a key stepping stone to customer experience excellence,” they write.

“inQuba has been built from the ground up as an end-to-end platform for managing the customer experience. CJA is the framework that captures the voice of the customer from all channels using analytics tools to reveal meaningful patterns and insights. inQuba then transcends this by using big data analytics to understand the customer story and context and provide significant, relevant and context driven engagement,” Renzon concludes.


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