Financial services

“It’s my money… so who can I trust?”

Traditional financial services companies struggle to maintain customer loyalty and maximize “share of wallet” in the midst of increasingly demanding, techno-savvy customers and a whole new breed of competitors. inQuba VOC’s ability to provide a single view of the customer experience allows you to capture the nuances of what really matters to customers in a financial relationship, enabling you to design the optimal experience.

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Coronation African Bank


“Something I don’t want to even think about, but must, and don’t interact with until I have to. For me, it’s a necessary evil”

With these dynamics in mind, it is critical for insurance providers to excel at those relatively few but highly impactful “moments of truth” with their policyholders. By enabling effective communications pre- and post-claim, InQuba Engage helps you close the loop with customers to ensure policyholder peace of mind.

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Momentum Liberty Hollard


“What do you mean I have to wait another 12 months to upgrade to a cooler phone!”

Churn. It’s the bane of telecom providers’ existence. In the hyper competitive mobile device world, subscribers increasingly opt-out in a flash, chasing the next most compelling rate plan or product “wow” factor. So how does one create loyalty with this fleeting crowd? InQuba Analytics allows you to drill-down and reveal the root causes of why NPS or customer satisfaction scores are dropping, enabling you to save at-risk subscribers.

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Telkom Mobile B2B


“I want it when I want it, where I want it, how I want it, and at a bargain”

The winning formula in retail today is to provide shoppers with a seamless end-to-end omni-channel experience. inQuba’s smart CX data repository captures every layer of the customer journey through both structured and unstructured information, while inQuba Wired connects the myriad of customer systems to ensure that you don’t miss anything.




“I want to be taken away on a fantasy”

Whether headed to a movie across town or on a trip across the globe, today’s consumers want to be entertained and taken care of. While the content or product may delight the customer, one slip up in the overall journey can make the difference between advocacy and disgruntlement. inQuba’s semantic anchoring and granular traceability ensure that while you listen to the voice of every customer, you can make their fantasy a reality.

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